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Hello, guys!
We are currently making an installation of XS6.5+OS Juno (maybe we'll switch to kilo)
We have 2 servers, controller has glance, nova and keystone, and compute vms have only nova-compute installed.
We use local storage on each server, not shared one (this is important)

We want to implement cinder service to manage volumes easily, but i can't understand how can we do it. XenAPINFSDriver is deprecated and isn't supported any more.
The only solution i found so far is to create storage VM, give it some space and use this space for cinder volumes, and then mount it in VMs as ISCSI targets.
And in the same time nova uses xenAPI to create and manage volumes when it creates instances.

And what i want to make is to make cinder use Xenserver volumes both when nova creates VM and when i create volume with cinder.
Without second level of abstraction.

Can you tell me what are the best practices to use cinder for Xenservers with local storage?

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answered 2015-08-06 11:55:12 -0600

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Hello, I have a similar issue, I have successfully configure XenServer 6.5 and OpenStack, I have Linux / Windows images, everything works fine. I have configured cinder ( it is a virtual machine ), cinder machine is an Ubuntu Server 14.04, using open-iscsi I have attached an slice from my SAN, after that I have configure everything following this document http://docs.openstack.org/kilo/instal...

I'm able to create volumes and also I'm able to attach the volumes to my machines, the volumes are attached to my XenServer automatically using ISCSI (provided by the service tgt running on cinder machine, the names of this kind of volumes follow the shem tmpSR-#########, the VDI-per-LUN ISCSI), the only big issue is that the VMs cannot see the volumes, a virtual machine running centos 7, reports "xenbus_probe_frontend: Time out connecting to device: device/vdb/51744 (local state 3, remote state 2)" .


Hello, I have solved the issue:

  1. Configure cinder according to this link http://docs.openstack.org/kilo/instal...
  2. Login to each XenServer and do the following rm -rf /opt/xensource/sm/ISCSISR.pyo rm -rf /opt/xensource/sm/ISCSISR.pyc
  3. Open the file nano /opt/xensource/sm/ISCSISR.py

I have modified the line 110, the original line is

self.sr_vditype = 'phy'

The modified line is

self.sr_vditype = 'aio'

Now it is working perfect!

I have also update this one:


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