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What actually happens when volume deletion takes place?

asked 2013-05-06 07:18:44 -0500

anonymous user


What to know if something like data wiping takes place before volume deletion or not? Just struggling out to understand the scenarios behind the curtains of volume creation and deletion. Does any sort of data wiping takes place when volume is deleted? And when new new volume of same size is created after deleting the first one then what is the probability that same virtual location over disk is used as used for first one. My main concern is understanding that whether there are chances for data privacy leakage once the volume is deleted or not. Best if proper explanation with suitable code reference is given in this concern of data wiping on volume deletion. Thanks in advance...

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answered 2013-05-07 10:48:18 -0500

armando-migliaccio gravatar image

Clearing volumes (e.g. zeroing of the virtual disk) to avoid leakage of data between tenants is a feature that the OpenStack Block Storage project provides, although it can be disabled if security is not an issue. Ultimately this is something that depends on the storage backend (i.e. driver) of your choice.

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