Cannot install instance on openstack/xenserver.

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I recently installed xenserver on my system(clean disk) and then run devstack on top. Installation file finished, created everything and I can login to the dashboard. From the dashboard, when I try to start a new instance(cirros vhd or ami), after pressing launch, I can see the new instance, but status=error, power state= no state and no log/console. Also xenserver doesn't see the new instances at all(the only vm available is the devstack domu for openstack). Anyway ideas what could have gone wrong, or any links for more information?

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answered 2014-02-12 22:26:22 -0600

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For a starter, maybe you can try devstack from citrix blog. Here is the link:

You need a little hack in the network to make it works. But, you can create VM/Instance easily.

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