Query regarding ceilometer FWaaS Meters in Kilo Release

asked 2015-07-08 04:50:21 -0500

Jayakanthan gravatar image


We have a Kilo setup and we are trying to access the firewall ceilometer meter readings. We are following the URL http://docs.openstack.org/admin-guide-cloud/content/section_telemetry-fwaas-meters.html (http://docs.openstack.org/admin-guide...) We are not able to access the below meters for Firewall in ceilometer even though we have created the policy,rule and updated but these below meters are not listed out in "ceilometer meter-list " command.

network.services.firewall.create network.services.firewall.update network.services.firewall.policy.create network.services.firewall.policy.update network.services.firewall.rule network.services.firewall.rule.create network.services.firewall.rule.update

please clarify if these Firewall meters are available in Kilo release .

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