creating windows 7 image- doesn't recognize virtio drivers.

asked 2015-07-07 02:29:31 -0500

Mahsa gravatar image

Hi, I follow these steps in this link ( and I download virtio drivers from this link (, after that, when I click load drivers, I have this choices (Balloon, guest-agent, NetKVM, qemupciserial, viorng, vioscsi, vioserial, viostor) and when I choose NetKVM/W7/x86 and load this driver, could not load other driver, I just can load one driver in this step. e.x. in this step I chose Viostor/W7/x86 and installed windows 7, after installation complete, in device manager I didn't have any Network card that update drivers to use Netkvm, please help me. thanks for your reply.

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