Unable to lanuch stack in kilo heat [closed]

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Hi ,

I have install comlete setup of kilo openstack.

when i am trying to launch the stack in heat it giving following error.

ERROR: Property error : PL4: image __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'reauthenticate'

My template :

description: stack template generated from OVF file heat_template_version: '2013-05-23' resources: PL4: properties: config_drive: 'True' flavor: m1.tiny image: e2448924-d409-4992-8e8e-df676f16fd1a name: myinstance networks: - network: a142e378-4a7d-4686-84cc-e21a49e3bbc5 type: OS::Nova::Server

I have converted my heat source code into debians and installed it through apt-get.

Regards, Bhavaniprasad.

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