VM Console access from Dom0 CLI to test Neutron ML2 Driver

asked 2015-06-26 16:56:21 -0600

mlathe gravatar image

I'd like to setup some test scripts to verify that a Neutron ML2 Driver works through a series of test cases.

While the actual setup of a test case is quite easy (ie via the nova and neutron CLI commands), actually testing that a VM can connect to another VM has proved very difficult.

So far my only success was either by manually plugging into my Neutron segment (ie vlan) from my controller Dom0, or by setting up an external network and giving the VM a floating IP address. Neither of these is very good because they both depend on my neutron config to work 100% before I can assert anything.

One idea i had was to try to "VNC into the VM" from the CLI (ie not via the browser like the "nova get-vnc-console" command) kind of like you use a console port on a physical system. Then possibly using expect or something (holding my breath)

Another idea was that perhaps I need to work with the specific hypervisor I'm using and use a back door they have, but isn't advertised through the more generic OpenStack?


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