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asked 2015-06-25 15:39:30 -0600

I was tinkering around with creating a new panel in horizon. I have a server-side filter on the data table, and the results are paginated. Both the filter and pagination work fine when used alone, but when I filter a table, then get the next page of the results, the filter details are not carried along. Is there is a horizon-native way to persist the filter field and value?

Here's my filter action class to help clarify what's going on.

class MyFilterAction(tables.FilterAction):
    param_name = 'logs_filter'
    filter_type = 'server'
    filter_choices = (('message', _("Message"), True),
                             ('syslog_severity', _("Severity"), True),
                             ('component', _("Component"), True),
                             ('host', _("Host"), True))

Then my tab looks something like this:

class LogsTab(tabs.TableTab):
    name = _("Logs Tab")
    slug = "logs_tab"
    table_classes = (tables.LogsTable,)
    template_name = ("horizon/common/_detail_table.html")
    preload = False


    def get_logs_data(self):
            marker = self.request.GET.get(
                tables.LogsTable._meta.pagination_param, None)
            filter_field = self.request.POST.get(
                'logs__filter__logs_filter_field', None)
            filter_exp = self.request.POST.get(
                'logs__filter__logs_filter', None)
            token = self.authenticate_goldstone()
            logs = self.get_goldstone_logs(token, marker,
                                           filter_field, filter_exp)
            self._has_more = logs['next'] is not None
            return logs['results']
        except Exception:
            self._has_more = False
            error_message = _('Unable to get logs')
            exceptions.handle(self.request, error_message)
            return []

Seems like I could hack into the pagination handler to also pass along filter information, but though I would check with y'all to see if it's been done already.

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Hi, Also trying to tinker around with the filter. Just wondering, why is it necessary to have the server side filtering approach instead of a client based filter that is achieved without reloading of the page

matundura gravatar imagematundura ( 2019-02-21 07:47:19 -0600 )edit