How to find out which component raised the dependency version?

asked 2015-06-24 22:22:47 -0600

xiangfeiz gravatar image

I'm running devstack and ran into an error today. glance-api and nova-api service failed to start due to unable to "from oslo import i18n". Eventually I found out that oslo.i18n version was raised to 2.0.0 while it works with 1.5.0

I checked requirements in the source code and found

$grep "oslo\.i18n" */*requirements.txt
requirements/global-requirements.txt:oslo.i18n>=0.1.0,<1.1  # Apache-2.0
tempest/requirements.txt:oslo.i18n>=1.5.0,<1.6.0  # Apache-2.0

I guess some component not installed from source has raised the version of oslo.i18n. What's the best way to find out which component did it? And does component's requirements take precedence over global-requirements?

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