Fuel master start keystone service itself? "fuel node list" tell bad gateway

asked 2015-06-24 12:39:34 -0600

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I installed fuel master in VirtualBox, run about several weeks, then shutdown fuel master for half a month. Now I want to add a new compute node, so restart the fuel master to deploy. But after the master is restarted, with command "fuel node list", it tells me error: 502, bad gateway.

With some research of the source code of running "fuel node list", I find it get http req from port, the URL is "". But under it, see from log, it get http req from, not 8000 port.

So, I think it is strange, at first, 8000 port is on the master, but 5000 port is where? There is 5000 port listened in contrller node. But from thinking that if I installed 3 controller nodes, how master know to connect which one? So I think the 5000 port should be listened in master itself. But with command "netstat -anp |grep 5000" on master, it outputs nothing. there is no process listened on this port.

I know 5000 port is keystone. Perhaps there should be a keystone service run in master? Then how to restart it? Why it not restart when master is restarted?

With there services contained in docker, which I really dont understand now. Please help me, thanks.

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answered 2015-06-30 20:18:42 -0600

DarkMagic, in Fuel 5.0+, services like the webserver (in nginx) are containerized in docker. You can run dockerctl list -l to see the status of the Fuel containers (Running or Stopped), and eventually docker ps for further troubleshootings. Please show us these outputs.

In fact, 502 bad gateway can mean that you have problems connecting to the nginx container, or that there are issues in the nailgun container.

BTW, keep in mind that after booting the masternode, you should give it some minutes to start properly all the services.

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