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Unable to create a VM from .iso file

asked 2015-06-23 07:23:46 -0500

daliya-k-m gravatar image


I have 3 node istallation of openstack juno with 1 controller,1compute & 1network. When i tried to bring up a VM with centos7 .iso file, find error in disk partition. I could launch VM from img files & snapshots. Can any body help to launch a VM from .iso file?

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answered 2015-06-23 10:48:55 -0500

mpetason gravatar image

This isn't a recommended use case. You'll want to pre-build images that you can use. Installing from an ISO is a legacy way of doing it comparable to what most novice administrators do with VMware.

You'll want to look into using Images and Cloud-Init. If you want to have a custom Image then you can use a Linux host to create the Image, then upload it to glance.

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