Instance Fails to Deploy on Network Allocation

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I am currently working on a single node controller with a single NIC. I am trying to deploy to a single compute node, however I can't seem to figure out why this keeps failing.

Here are some logs, and config files I can provide more if needed but I have no idea where else to look. I have grep'd all of the logs and the only one with ERRORS/TRACES was /var/log/nova-compute.log on compute node (Logs and Configurations)

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answered 2015-06-22 19:03:36 -0600

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I derped on the regions, and did as regionOne instead of RegionOne, and I had to do some tweaking on my Vlan tagging :) I have moved on and I appreciate the help!

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answered 2015-06-22 10:01:10 -0600

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Make sure that you have finished the Neutron guides. You should be using private IP addresses for this configuration if possible, since you are testing out a setup. You may want to consider sub interfaces if you can only work off of one NIC.

Here is where your neutron client will connect:

url =
auth_strategy = keystone
admin_auth_url =

Here is the error when it tries to access the URL:

2015-06-22 08:28:06.894 1865 TRACE NeutronClientException: 404 Not Found

You should make sure that you can get to each of the IP addresses from each of the nodes. I'd recommend changing the address space to internal addresses so that

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