Remote error: CircularDependencyException heat

asked 2015-06-18 09:59:21 -0600

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When I run a stack returns me the following error:

TRACE heat.common.wsgi RemoteError: Remote error: CircularDependencyException Circular Dependency Found: {FloatingIPAssociation "control_server_public_port": {Server "control_server"}, CinderVolumeAttachment "vol_att_2": {Server "front_server_2"}, FirewallRule "firewall-r3": {FloatingIPAssociation "control_server_public_port"}, Pool "front_lb_pool": {Server "front_server_2", Server "front_server_3",

All log:

Any idea?

Very thanks

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answered 2015-07-05 18:19:20 -0600

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You need to change your template so resources referencing each other no longer causes circular references. Without seeing the actual template it is hard to provide specific advice on how to do that.

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