Non-technical question: neutron features matrix vs. releases

asked 2015-06-17 20:44:01 -0600

Nodir gravatar image

updated 2015-06-17 20:44:15 -0600


I remember coming across a blog post which described features of the Neutron in relationship with different releases. It showed 2-to-5 (or 6) matrix/table describing which features are supported on Juno, Kilo, and what is a long term plan, e.g., L3 agent HA of the compute node is not supported on Juno (but is on Kilo), distributed SNAT support on Kilo, and etc.

I spent an hour searching for this with no luck. Since I got reference to the blogpost from this Q&A forum, I was hoping if someone else has seen it and could give me a quick pointer.



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