Move instances, flavors and images from one install to another

asked 2015-06-17 06:06:04 -0600

Anders Wallin gravatar image

I have an install that I need to migrate instances from (keeping settings like IP and such). The new installation is totally new. So project IDs, Network-ID and such will be different.

I know how to copy over the glance images and instances, so thats no problem. And I have started to look into the mysql tables containing the info needed. (specifically nova and glance). (I don't use cinder, swift etc).

So anyone have any experience in this? I know i have to substitute perhaps network ids, project ids etc. But what are the important tables? What is the minimum I need to copy over to get it working?

(I don't care about logs, audit logs etc). Since it's a fresh start of sorts. I just want to copy over the instances, that they retain their fixed ip (not gonna use floating ips in the future even though they have that specified right now).

Any input in this would be helpful!

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