how to locate an API call's backend code through the url (or request info)

asked 2015-06-13 01:10:07 -0500

Scott Zhang gravatar image


I am debugging and testing openstack glance registry api v1 functionalities. I am having trouble locating some of the backend code (that handling api requests). Could you please let me know how to locate its backend code through url (or request info) on openstack?

an example of request info can be like the following:

{'_buffer': [], '_HTTPConnection__state': 'Request-sent', '_tunnel_headers': {}, '_tunnel_host': None, 'sock': <eventlet.greenio.base.greensocket object="" at="" 0x7f6e650e2790="">, 'port': 9191, 'host': '', '_tunnel_port': None, 'timeout': 600, 'source_address': None, '_HTTPConnection__response': None, '_method': 'GET'}


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