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How to start instances after controller failure

asked 2015-06-11 13:25:13 -0600

mikey gravatar image

Is this is possible to start instance from only compute node? I need help!

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answered 2015-06-13 09:36:37 -0600

don gravatar image

if you mean start instances after the controller has rebooted? they would not have stopped. If you mean start instances after controller+compute node have rebooted? I use nova reboot --hard on each of them. If you mean start instances on the compute node while the controller is unavailable? if using libvirt+kvm, you can do a 'virsh start' on each (do virsh list -all to see them).

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answered 2015-06-15 12:15:33 -0600

jdiaz9 gravatar image

The instance lives in libvirt so even if the controller goes down it should still be available as long as the compute node is up. If the compute node went down then you would in fact need to restart the instance as it is likely to be in shut off state. If that happened then the following should help.

nova reboot [instanceid]

One thing you should check is that all of your nova and neutron services are running as intended prior to restarting the instance. Otherwise, you will likely run into errors.

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