How to create customized Horizon dashboard [closed]

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I just followed the steps to create customized dashboard. 1 Did a git clone of recent horizon-dashoard branch 2 mkdir openstack_dashboard/dashboards/mydashboard 3 ./ -m startdash mydashboard --target openstack_dashboard/dashboards/mydashboard

Got the below error as: root@ubuntu:/home/sudharsan/horizon-master# ./ -m startdash mydashboard --target openstack_dashboard/dashboards/mydashboard Checking environment. Your environment appears to be out of date. Update? (Y/n) y Fetching new src packages... venv already exists... Installing dependencies with pip (this can take a while)... --use-mirrors has been deprecated and will be removed in the future. Explicit uses of --index-url and/or --extra-index-url is suggested. Cannot fetch index base URL Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement pip>=1.4 in ./.venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages Downloading/unpacking pip>=1.4 Cleaning up... No distributions at all found for pip>=1.4 in ./.venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages Storing debug log for failure in /root/.pip/pip.log Command "tools/ pip install --upgrade pip>=1.4" failed. None root@ubuntu:

Though I have upgraded pip,

root@ubuntu:/home/sudharsan/horizon-master# pip show pip

Metadata-Version: 1.1 Name: pip Version: 7.0.3 Summary: The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages. Home-page: Author: The pip developers Author-email: License: MIT Location: /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pip-7.0.3-py2.7.egg Requires: Entry-points: [console_scripts] pip = pip:main pip2.7 = pip:main pip2 = pip:main root@ubuntu:/home/sudharsan/horizon-master#

Hope my pip version is 7.0 which satisfies here.

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