Swift havana: object HEAD failed ... 400 bad request [closed]

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I am working on a local Vagrant/Virtualbox install of OpenStack Swift with the Havana packages on Ubuntu 12.04. One proxy, five storage nodes, a keystone server.

When I try to upload a file with the swift client it fails, but the container is created.

vagrant@swift-client-01:~$ swift list
# no containers yet
vagrant@swift-client-01:~$ swift upload swift_container swift.txt 
Object HEAD failed: 400 Bad Request
vagrant@swift-client-01:~$ swift list
vagrant@swift-client-01:~$ swift stat
   Account: AUTH_04ccf94d99794251ad1c3fc991586978
Containers: 1
   Objects: 0
     Bytes: 0
Accept-Ranges: bytes
X-Timestamp: 1384010374.39426
X-Trans-Id: txc7997332cea5471a9e2d9-00527e55ec
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8

Has anyone seen that particular error before and perhaps have an idea of what would be causing it?

UPDATE: Found my problem...I accidentally used port 6002 for both the account server and object server when adding the ring entries. phewph

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closing it as the typo issue was corrected.

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Why close it as duplicate question?

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@serverascode I hope its now right reason to close the question. I accidentally closed it with the other reason.

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