Juno - how to release floating IPs from a project

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I was testing my lab setup and noticed that my project resource overview showed that 2 IPs were used. However I had no instances running. Then when I launched a third instance I noticed that I had to get a new IP from the public pool. Now it shows 3 used :) How can I remove these IPs from the project(...?) so that the resource shows 0?

Also, in Admin role I can see the public IPs ports with status DOWN | Admin state UP. I am using IPs in my instances .7 .4 and .5 of these

Name Fixed IPs Device Attached Status Admin State Actions

(07c32063) network:floatingip DOWN    UP  
(53c291ef)  network:dhcp ACTIVE  UP  
(8d22adc2) network:floatingip DOWN    UP  
(97449fd4) network:floatingip    DOWN    UP  
(a7af36b8) network:router_gateway    DOWN    UP  
(fd8df26e) network:floatingip    DOWN    UP
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answered 2015-06-09 05:36:51 -0500

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Hey hey,

first of all i belive floating-ips shown always as DOWN.

For release Floating IPs try this:

List all Floating IPs:

    # neutron floatingip-list
    | id                                   | fixed_ip_address | floating_ip_address | port_id                              |
    | 0a5e6d83-3e3a-45ba-bc1c-5faa3090d2a7 ||| bc9fc3cc-1023-4f5b-a970-c925e0095235 

Detach Floating-Ips:

# neutron floatingip-disassociate 0a5e6d83-3e3a-45ba-bc1c-5faa3090d2a7

Delete Floating-Ip from Projekt:

 # neutron floatingip-delete 0a5e6d83-3e3a-45ba-bc1c-5faa3090d2a7

Hope this will help you

regards rahuk

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Thanks.. This is working for me and I have release unused floating IPs.

Gopalakrishnan S gravatar imageGopalakrishnan S ( 2016-04-27 04:57:13 -0500 )edit

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