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How to configure rescue mode

asked 2013-11-09 01:59:46 -0500

dasp gravatar image

I was trying to use rescue mode on the instance (nova rescue <instance>), which is supposed to mount original instance's image as a secondary storage for a rescue system.</instance>

The rescue system by default is the same as the instance system (image). However, I'd like to specify something custom. I found the following options in nova.conf reference:

rescue_image_id=None    (StrOpt) Rescue ami image
rescue_kernel_id=None   (StrOpt) Rescue aki image
rescue_ramdisk_id=None  (StrOpt) Rescue ari image

I'm not sure how to use it to specify an .iso image or qcow2 image. Is it even possible? Has anyone tried customizing the rescue mode?

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answered 2015-10-08 06:16:32 -0500

rozie gravatar image

nova rescue --image IMAGE_ID INSTANCE_ID allows you to choose what system (image) should be run. Check out nova help rescue for more options. Tested with Kilo, works fine.

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