Connecting Cinder node to EMC SAN

asked 2015-06-04 11:09:03 -0600

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I have an install of Kilo running across a number of physical nodes: 1xController/Service node, 2xCompute, and 1x Block(Cinder).

At the moment I have 500gb disk on the Cinder node and I can create volumes and attach them to VMs etc.

I want to provision a number of TB from EMC SAN to Cinder. The EMC VNX Direct driver install: here actually connects the Compute hosts to the SAN with the Cinder node Optionally connecting to the SAN -so iSCSI traffic goes between SAN and Compute node. I see how this makes perfect sense - BUT:

I have limited NICs on the Compute hosts, and I'm wondering what would be the implications of just provisioning say 3TB of SAN disk to the Cinder node and having iSCSI traffic going between SAN to Cinder then Cinder to Compute?

Is this possible and would I run into problems this way?

thanks in advance.

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answered 2015-07-03 10:43:31 -0600

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Ignore this question.... I thought I would have to add an extra NIC to the compute nodes to connect to the SAN - but that was not the case.

I ended up getting the emc-direct driver to work by registering the compute nodes (over iSCSI) with the EMC SAN, and I now run the cinder-volume service on my Controller/Service node - so there is no need for a Cinder node at all.

If anyone needs to see my cinder.conf file, let me know and I will paste it in.

regards, Paul

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Hi Paul,

Can you please share your cinder.conf file if still possible?

I am trying to connect my Cinder / compute node to Brocade / IBM SAN, but OpenStack is somehow not able to create a volume on the FC storage.

Thank you.

fattony666 gravatar imagefattony666 ( 2018-04-06 03:16:28 -0600 )edit

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