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Why is LDAP as an assignment back end for Keystone not recommended

asked 2015-06-03 05:13:41 -0500

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updated 2015-06-03 07:23:14 -0500

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The OpenStack Cloud Administrator Guide in the section "Integrate assignment back end with LDAP" [1] notes that:

Using LDAP as an assignment back end is not recommended.

What is the basis for this recommendation?


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answered 2015-06-17 10:01:17 -0500

JonathanBarber gravatar image

The original author of this line (Rico Lin) was kind enough to respond to my question asking about this issue. Paraphrasing his response - after discussion by the Keystone team, the reason for not recommending it is because LDAP was considered as a light-weight process which isn't suitable for the load that the assignment role would place on it.

As @august pointed out, LDAP as an assignment backed is now deprecated, the following email in the thread gives more information as to why:

Basically, no one appeared to be using it and the LDAP assignment backend wasn't keeping up with the features being added to the SQL assignment backend.

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answered 2015-06-12 08:10:36 -0500

august gravatar image

I was wondering this too ... and i found this thread: It's a few months back - but I'm assuming still accurate?

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