How do I set custom metadata to a tenant?

asked 2015-06-02 19:56:36 -0500

JimD gravatar image

I know I can associate custom metadata (key/value pairs) with an instance using something like nova meta server name set "some_key=some_value" ... but is there a way to do this for a tenant (project)?

More to the point how might I require my (internal) customers to set certain key/value pairs whenever creating new projects (tenants)? (In particular, in our environment, we're routinely setting up new tenants with their own isolated SDN ( (Juniper Contrail)) networks and we'd like to implement and enforce a policy that the proxy/bastion instances be identified in well-defined meta data for each tenant ... so that we can programmatically extract the necessary data to administer instances.

(This is for a purely internal cloud).

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