trove auth problems

asked 2015-06-02 18:56:52 -0500

alvinstarr gravatar image

I am seeing the following error and I assume that this is related to the other problems I am seeing with trove never completing an instance install.

2015-06-02 14:26:04.960 16765 ERROR trove.openstack.common.periodic_task [req-7a41d6bd-caaa-45fe-87a7-712a0b503301 admin services - - -] Error during Manager.publish_exists_event: Unauthorized (HTTP 401) (Request-ID: req-c82cb669-f33c-402b-b666-ebb50554a16c)

This is a multi system install with 1 controller node, 2 compute nodes and 1 network node.

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