Can someone help me understand how to setup my linksys home router to have a default gateway for the management network and another for the floating-ip network

asked 2015-06-02 11:08:52 -0600

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In my simple home network I have a linksys router that connects to a cisco2008 switch ( for VLANs)

all the openstack roles are connected to that switch.

eth0 lets all my roles make calls out to the internet to install packages.
lets call that NET0

eth1 on the neutron network node hosts floating-ip address lets call that NET1

But my linksys only has a gateway for NET0 at

How does a VM, that has a floating-ip on NET1, use my linksys router as a gateway?

I installed DD-WRT on the linksys and poke around to see if i could set up 2 gateways. But i couldnt figure it out.

I guess the easy way out is to give neutron a floating ip address pool on the network and make sure its outside of the linksys routers DHCP range ( below )

but that doesnt feel like a real scenario.

ideally id love to put the management network on VLAN 20 then put the floating-ip network on VLAN 30 give neutron a pool for floating-ip corresponding to VLAN 30 and then any requests originating on a VM can go through its floating-ip and out through linksys NATed correctly.. im just not understanding how to do that.

can someone help my understanding how 2 have 2 gateways on my router? the existing one for management and one for floating-ip subnet? thanks.

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