Manage two cinder volumes into one (including snapshots)

asked 2015-05-31 11:57:52 -0500

Maor Lipchuk gravatar image

Hi all, Is there a way I can merge a volume with another volume, which is a cloned volume from one of the first volume's snapshots?

Here is a use case to better understand my problem: I have a volume which I've created several snapshots from it (For example 3 snapshots). Now, I've found out that I made a mistake and I want to continue to work from my previous snapshot 2. So, in Cinder, I need to create a new volume which is dependent on the second snapshot and update my instance to work with the new volume. but I still have the old volume in Cinder, and I still want to use snapshot 1. Is there any way I can "merge" those two volumes together, so at the end I will simply have one volume with snapshot 1 and the data of it will be compatible to what was saved in snapshot 2?

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