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Hi, we had a few questions about your products and wanted to know if they fulfilled our company’s needs.

1.) Can we use an LxC(Linux Container) or a Hypervisor like KVN or Xen on your servers? 2.) Do you offer a cloud computing option? If so, can we form a cluster with CoreOS or can we modify the linux kernel ourselves? https://coreos.com/using-coreos/clustering/ (https://coreos.com/using-coreos/clust...) 3.) Provided we choose the right product on your site, how many CPU Cores will we have? And if we need additional space later on, do you allow the option of adding them separately or do we have to switch to a higher paid service? 4.) Can use a Configuration Management/CM tool like Chef? https://www.chef.io/chef/ 5.) Do you provide Preconfigured Instances like Amazon's AWS does? 6.) What OS versions do we get? Linux? Debian? Ubuntu? 7.) How many IPv4 addresses can we get?

Thank you so much for your time.

Regards, Appify

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