[Murano] How to use Murano DynamicUI forms to generate Heat templates?

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Is there a way to create a Murano application with a Dynamic form to generate a heat template? So that the Murano application is a layer on top of heat allowing me not to have to hard code values into my heat template.

For example lets say that I want to create a load balancer with some servers behind it. It would be great if the application could define a dynamicUI form that would pull the information needed from OpenStack so the user could select it. Like drop downs to select the subnet for the LB pool, drop down to select the external network for the LB floating IP, image flavor drop down, image drop down, and etc. Is that possible? Are there any examples or documentation to do that?

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answered 2015-08-05 20:04:32 -0600

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There is no problem to create application that asks something from user and then generate Heat template with those values. Murano aplications are written using MuranoPL programming language which is completely object-oriented. There is a HeatStack class that represents one Heat stack. You can use environment's default stack or create your own. And it has update() method that can be used to merge a snippet into it and push() method to submit your changes to the Heat. And of cause MuranoPL is powerful enough to generate template of any complexity. That's how classes from MuranoPL core library work https://github.com/openstack/murano/tree/master/meta/io.murano/Classes/resources (https://github.com/openstack/murano/t...)

However there might be certain problems with making user chose from a list of options rather than have a plain-text field. The problem is that currently applications cannot hook into UI form life-cycle. For example you can define drop-down in our form and provide a list of available options. But you cannot hook it to MuranoPL function that will ask OpenStack and then populate returned values to that drop down. In other words you app begins to work after user has submitted his input.To certain degree this is solved by the fact that dUI forms have built-in support for image, flavor and recently network selection. This issue most likely will be addressed in OpenStack M release

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