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Does OpenStack require third party hyper-visor integration, or does it have it's own hyper-visor integration?

asked 2013-11-07 05:07:16 -0500

anonymous user


I'm currently researching the feasibility of using four open source applications for a project, one of which is OpenStack. Ideally we're looking to prevent added cost of third party hyper-visor licensing, and I was wondering whether OpenStack has it's own hyper-visor application within?

Many thanks for any responses

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answered 2013-11-07 06:47:43 -0500

sgordon gravatar image

updated 2013-11-09 12:47:14 -0500

OpenStack is Hypervisor agnostic, there are drivers for a number of Hypervisors including:

  • KVM
  • Xen
  • vCenter
  • ESXi
  • QEMU
  • Libvirt LXC
  • Hyper-V
  • PowerVM
  • Docker
  • Baremetal

Some of these Hypervisors, most notably vCenter and Hyper-V, have licensing fees associated with them depending on which variants you use. The most popular Hypervisor, which is included for free in many Linux distributions, is KVM - followed by Xen according to the latest OpenStack User Survey:

Note that some of these drivers have differing levels of support for various aspects of the API, refer to the Nova driver matrix for more information on what is or isn't supported when using any given driver:

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answered 2013-11-08 03:13:34 -0500

ednard gravatar image

Thank you for the very informative answer, just what I wanted to know.

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