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Multiple rabbit hosts with swift ceilometer filter

asked 2015-05-24 21:44:24 -0600

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I'm looking through the "Configure the Object Storage Service" docs for ceilometer and have noticed the addition of the url directive in the [filter:ceilometer] section of the proxy-server config. (

Is there any way to specify multiple rabbit hosts? Or maybe I didn't ask the question correctly due to my lack of understanding of the directive. Any help is appreciated!


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answered 2015-07-27 15:41:22 -0600

The Ceilometer middleware for Swift uses oslo.messaging under the hood. Specifically, it takes the url config option and calls oslo_messaging.get_transport, which accepts the following format:


This is described in detail in the (oslo.messaging documentation). For your example, you would configure the Ceilometer filter like so:

paste.filter_factory = ceilometermiddleware.swift:filter_factory
control_exchange = swift
url = rabbit://user:password@controller1:5672,controller2:5672,controller:5672/vhost
driver = messagingv2
topic = notifications
log_level = WARN
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