glance issiue with vmware

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well , I deployed OPENSTCK kilo single node on Ubuntu VM over VMWARE environment and assign 8xESXI host via vCENTER to nova compute node and every things is fine . my issue is related to using VC Data Store for Glance ( in file mode glance is ok and work nice ) . I follow OPENSTACK DOC to represent vmware data-store to glance by editing /etc/glance/glance-api.conf as below :

# Existing but disabled stores:
#stores =,
# Default: 'file'
default_store = vsphere

    vmware_server_host =
    vmware_server_username = Administrator@vsphere.local
    vmware_server_password = PASS@word

        #vmware_datacenter_path = <None>
        #vmware_datastore_name = <None>
        vmware_datastores = TEC:TECsCluster01:D071
        vmware_api_retry_count = 10
        vmware_store_image_dir = /openstack_glance
        vmware_api_insecure = False

by saving mention changes and restarting glance related services and syncing DB I recive below error on listing Image List :

Error finding address for ('Connection aborted.', error(111, 'Connection refused'))

I have to mention that 10.132.1224.233 is my kilo single node ip that all openstack service were deployed

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answered 2015-05-26 02:32:28 -0600

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Hope this blog post on VMware integration with OpenStack helps ...

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