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I am setting up replica of my real-world deployment in terms of networks within single instance of OpenStack. For that I have to create 3 networks (1 for each tier): web, middleware, db.

I have created those networks successfully then I've added the routers between respective networks, yet my web tier can't reach middleware and middleware can't reach DB using those private nets.

I have created a separate "public" network to which all those nets can be routed (so that I can access VMs directly). This one works just fine.

Most details provided in gist:

To simplify: this time around I've used dashboard to create network infrastructure. So procedure I've followed:

  • created each network (front, mid, db, public) with according subnet.
  • created routers "bridging" specific pairs of network, e.g.: gb_front_mid_router is connecting front tier (web) and mid tier (middleware).
  • for each tier created secgroup with corresponding rules
  • created VMs for each tier assigned to specific private network with specific secgroups applied
  • checked that default secgroup seems to be allowing everything in (see gist)

pinging from systest-front to systest-mid (on 10.10/16 IPs) fails so far. Same goes for pings from mid to db etc.

what am I missing? Why traffic from one private net can't reach another? Anything needs to be added to configuration?

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Do you have your iptables for bridges enabled at all? See: that enables them automatically on all platforms (it is off by default on RHEL). You may want to do the same using sysctl configuration on your system.

Please share iptables -L so that we may check whether rules are set properly.

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