juno - nova-network and rdp

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Hello, Guys!
my current installation involves the following:
OS Juno + 2xXenservers
on every Xen i have Ubuntu 14.04 VM in PV mode running nova-compute and nova-network
On one of them i also run controller services (keystone, glance, etc...)
every xen has 2 ifaces, eth0 for management traffic and eth1 for VM binding through xenbr1 brindge

network in nova is created with the following settings:

nova network-create demo-net --bridge xenbr1  --fixed-range-v4 --fixed-cidr= --gateway --dns1 --multi-host T

security group allows all traffic for all tcp ports and icmp traffic

ssh, http, telnet 3389 and other services i tried work well, all except rdp into windows instances.

If i use nova-network ip as gw for instance, i can't start RDP session - it drops with "An Internal Error Has Occurred"
If i use hardware GW as gw for instance, everything works fine.
Logs are empty
can you give me any advice on how can i solve, or at least debug this issue?

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