oslo config reading a config file

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I created a new conf file in keystone project as part of my extenstion. I wanted to use the options in that file.

I also created the config.py file

from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_config import types
from oslo_log import log

LOG = log.getLogger(__name__)

otp_options = cfg.OptGroup(name = "otp_options",
                         title= "Options for One time password")

one_time_password_opts =[ 
    cfg.IntOpt('time_step', default = 30,
           help = ''),

cfg.IntOpt('time_step_window_back', default = 2,
           help = ''),

cfg.StrOpt('connection', default = 'mysql://keystone:root@localhost/keystone',
           help = ''),


CONF.register_opts(one_time_password_opts, otp_options)



#Options for One time password functionality

time_step = 60

time_step_window_back = 2

connection = 'mysql://keystone:root@localhost/keystone'

but when it is used on a another python file

import config

CONF = config.CONF

it displayes 30, when I run the program

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