Openstack provisioning with Foreman?

asked 2015-05-12 05:05:12 -0600

anonymous user


In our environment we already have a nice bit of Foreman/Puppet infratructure. I'm aware that you can provision OpenStack setups with Foreman, but can you get OpenStack to get machines provisioned with Foreman?

This may seem a little backward, but I'll try to explain my insanity.

  • We want to make use of OpenStacks quota system, something Foreman currently can't do
  • As well as provisioning VMs in OpenStack we'd also like to provision baremetal machines for groups that need that level of machine (e.g. certain special machines loaded with tonnes of extra memory or SSDs etc), I know OpenStack has ironic for that kind of thing, but if we can already do it nicely with Foreman this might be easier.

We'd like one frontend to this self-service setup rather than users having to go to different ones for the machine type they're after. We're aware we can write a frontend that prods Foreman's API to build systems using either OpenStack or on bare metal, but if we can somehow get OpenStack driving Foreman this would be much nicer.

Perhaps what I'm thinking is stupid/impossible, but any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Many thanks

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