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instance time wrong

asked 2015-05-11 04:37:48 -0600

rahuk gravatar image

Hey hey,

I have a Multi Controller-Compute(KVM)-Networke(Neutron) Environment based on Ubuntu 14.04 with Juno.

My problem is, that Windows VMs get the wront Time from Timeserver. I can set the time manually and reboot and the Time seams okey, but when i do a shutoff and then reboot the machine, I get the wrong time again... I belive it has nothing todo with the timezone in the VM.

My question is, where get the Instance the time from ?

Thanks for helping me !

Regards rahuk

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answered 2015-06-03 08:42:56 -0600

rahuk gravatar image

Soooo, now i have found the answer... you can set the os_type for images to "windows"

# glance image-update --property os_type="windows" <IMAGE-ID>

If you now boot the Image the time will be correct...

But whats with VMs already installed ?

Hack your Database!

# mysql -u root -p
$ use nova;
$ UPDATE instances set os_type='windows' where hostname='uhrzeit-test';
$ select hostname,os_type from instances WHERE hostname='uhrzeit-test';
| hostname     | os_type |
| uhrzeit-test | windows |

Make a reboot of your VM and the time will be displayed correct !

regards rahuk!

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answered 2015-05-11 05:36:55 -0600

uts9 gravatar image

Check whether your VM is able to ping/connect to the NTP Servers.

Some info here.

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No network Outgoing is connected. So no Timeserver is available.

When I set the time manual and make a Shutdown, then a reboot the time is wrong again!

rahuk gravatar imagerahuk ( 2015-05-13 04:05:59 -0600 )edit

answered 2015-05-11 10:34:01 -0600

alexpilotti gravatar image

Recent versions of cloudbase-init handle this issue

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Now i have install this Version:

from here

but same effect :/

any ideas ?

I believe this is the last update

rahuk gravatar imagerahuk ( 2015-05-13 04:02:56 -0600 )edit

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