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Hey hey,

I belive i have a slow instance Snapshot issue but no logs or something else.

I have a Multi Controller-Compute(KVM)-Networke(Neutron) Envroiment based on Ubuntu 14.04 with Juno We habe a LACP bounded 1GB Network (=2GB)

Nova instances are on a NetAPP NFS Storage Glance Images on a NetAPP NFS Storage, too. Its the same NetAPP but not the same Share!

I try to Snapshot a Win Srv 12R2 instance with a 150GB C:\ Partition. On the Partition are Images and Trash, with Windows the VM need ~50GB real.

The end result is a 32,2GB big Glance Image. The Snapshot process need 45 minutes of Time.

Is the time normal ? Can I speedup the Snapshot process? Is there a possibility to snapshot like VMWare ? (Under 5 Minutes without Image?)

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Link? cant find the duplicate question ....

rahuk gravatar imagerahuk ( 2015-05-08 07:15:22 -0600 )edit