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how can i install openstack on 5 machines?

asked 2015-05-07 13:27:31 -0500

Radhakrishnan Rk gravatar image

hiii, I have five ubuntu server installed nodes..I wish to install openstack juno or kilo version for my research purpose...What I need is that how can I efficiently make use of these resources?Which architecture suits my research setup..

node1 and node2 has 24GB RAM 2TB HDD [zebronics] node3 and node4 has 8GB RAM 500GB HDD [zebronics] node5 has 4GB RAM 500GB HDD [Dell]

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2 answers

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answered 2015-05-08 04:32:49 -0500

uts9 gravatar image

Please refer to this document.

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answered 2015-05-08 08:29:16 -0500

Radhakrishnan Rk gravatar image

thanks a lot

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