Working with VIO (Vmware Integrated Openstack) [closed]

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Hi all.

Has anybody ever attempted to work with the recently released VIO? There's a big datacenter in my company, and the bosses decided to give it a try, but I have a question. I'm following the installation tutorial on; and I got stuck on the division of clusters. It says in the tutorial that I should have 3 clusters (management, Edge and compute), but I only have one available host (which is a powerhouse blade, 160 gb RAM, 24 cores, etc). I was wondering if I could do the install in a Single-Node way. I have some experience with OpenStack but not so much with VMware. Could someone tell me if this is possible?

The VMware ESXi is already installed, the networks are already configured and I can already manage it through vSphere.

Appreciate it.

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