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Kernel panic of instances

asked 2015-04-29 14:29:41 -0500

Xeniya Lisovskaya gravatar image

I use centos 7 and juno on my stend. At first, all instances can be created, but maked the exception kernel panic. But after reboot, I worked. But now, all instances after create, the guest os cause kernel panic. I use nested virtualization, and use stend inside VmWare Vsphere.

This is kernel panic of sysrecueCD: (image description)

Also, cirros-0.3.3 has panic too.

But the Centos 6 instance not panic, but freeze: (image description)

How I can fix this problem? .

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answered 2015-04-30 06:35:40 -0500

Xeniya Lisovskaya gravatar image

updated 2015-04-30 06:36:11 -0500

Problem is solved. I changed in /etc/nova/nova.conf:

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