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how to write a new ceilometer plugin

asked 2015-04-27 10:29:15 -0500

kfarhane gravatar image

I have to collect new informations and mesures which ceilometer don't manage, for example informations about vNIC of VM in a compute node, network informations about my OpenvSwitch, and all informations of my Host's NIC (rx, tx, errors, ...), do i have only to use the Hypervisor KVM of my compute Node to collect those information, or i have to develop new plugin (for example in my host compute node, to collect informations about physical ethernetcads), or to develop a new 3rd party plugins in my instances?

thank you for hleps

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answered 2015-05-04 10:15:53 -0500

binou gravatar image

Hi, please help me I am testing autoscaling with heat and ceilometer .For the ceilometer alarm I would like to use the outputs of a shell script( like a function which return a number and the scale up/scale down will depends on this number according to ceilometer)

So how can I manage the communication betwen my shell script and ceilometer?

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