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Hello, i am new to openstack and working on it. There are some openstack questions, that makes me confuse. Please tell me answers, It will be really helpful for me.

Here are the questions:--

  1. Which of the server type in swift should be optimized for best CPU performance due to cpu and network input output load?

  2. Glance can be configured to support project specific storage location for images when used with swift?

  3. In swift, in the event that a drive has faited, one of the first steps is to make sure the drive is?

  4. In neutron firewall setting are called?

  5. Which url's is not defined as an endpoint in keystone?

  6. How would you provide HA for nova compute?

  7. In which format does nova store the instance creation time for libvirt driver?

  8. Two ways to add image to glance?

  9. In swift maximum allowable size for a storage object upon ipload is _____ and the minimum is ______?

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Please learn how to use this site: this is a site were people should find answer to one question at the time. Your questions should be separate ones (and you should read the OpenStack documentation, first)

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2015-04-27 11:43:58 -0600 )edit