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Comparing and contrasting the OpenStack API, CLI and SDK

asked 2015-04-24 00:52:17 -0600

Grefman1 gravatar image

I want to comprehend the OpenStack API, CLI, and SDK.

Are the APIs immature, crude SDKs? They are modular code specific to a language to allow for programmatic manipulation of OpenStack. What exactly is the difference from an SDK and an API for a given language?

I think of the CLI as an ad hoc API. If you use the OpenStack scripts for the CLI, you can interactively utilize OpenStack. It is an alternative from the GUI. I think of the CLI as language agnostic.

Is the Bash "API" for OpenStack the CLI?

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answered 2015-04-26 13:43:26 -0600

Everett Toews gravatar image

updated 2015-04-26 13:43:47 -0600

You can find definitions and tools/documentation for all of the APIs, CLIs, and SDKs at

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