Create and emulate fat-tree topology in OpenStack

asked 2015-04-23 15:45:03 -0500

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I want to create and emulate a custom topology (fat-tree). I am new to OpenStack and tried to google solution for custom network setup, everywhere I see that I need to use physical vSwitch support, but I would like to abstract away any physical network.

The task: Let's say I have a farm of VMs: N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, N7. I want to create 3 switches (install open vswitch to) N1, N2 and N3, and making remaining as VMs with some app (and hypervisor with soft switch). Make N1 as root router and connect N2 and N3 to N1, Then connect N4 and N5 to N2, connect N6 and N7 to N3. Also make an isolation on network bandwidth, e.g.

total set of links:

N4 <-- 1Mps --> N2

N5 <-- 1Mps --> N2

N6 <-- 1Mps --> N3

N7 <-- 1Mps --> N3

N2 <-- 1Mps --> N1

N3 <-- 1Mps --> N1

There is also an oversubscription.

Tennt A and Tenant B can occupy any of N3-N7.

So, my question is some pointer/tutorial/docs which I could study to implement this? Is it even possible? I just heard from a colleague that this what should be there with quantum but that was two years ago.


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