Openstack juno Dashboard not loading from window host

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updated 2015-04-23 01:12:52 -0600

As per the document ( i have successfully performed each and every step which is mentioned but in Verify operation section of same document (

This section describes how to verify operation of the dashboard. Access the dashboard using a web browser: http://controller/horizon

when i am using http://controller/horizon in windows 8 hosted chrome browser it is not lading the openstack horizon dashboard and giving me error

This Web page is not available ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED OUT Google chrome cloud not load the web page because controller took long to respond. This website may be down, or you may be experiencing issues with your internet connection.

1- check your internet connection 2- allow chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings 3- check proxy server .

kindly help me to resolve this problem. Thank in advance..

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Try to access the dash board in the controller node (where horizon is running) using lynx or links and check.

uts9 gravatar imageuts9 ( 2015-04-23 03:18:22 -0600 )edit

Get the error logs from /var/log/horizon/horizon.log This should give you a pointer. Also look at the apache/httpd access and error logs to see if there is anything there.

jdexter gravatar imagejdexter ( 2015-04-23 07:40:56 -0600 )edit

Thanks for you valuable suggestions! I have fixed the problem. actually the problem was occurring due to lost connection between host and guest virtual machine. before accessing dashboard we must ensure that whether ipconfig at host command prompt showing virtual host adapter or not!

hpetwal gravatar imagehpetwal ( 2015-04-25 00:05:13 -0600 )edit