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OpenStack - Juno - Neutron - verify connectivity

asked 2015-04-20 08:37:54 -0500

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I try installed OpenStack Juno following the instructions ( ( ( ( Now, I stuck at the end of Chapter 6 "Add a networking component". I'v already done and verify all previous steps.

The last step in Chapter 6 -> "Create initial networks" is to "Verify the Connectivity". I should be able to ping the tenant router gateway from any other node including my Host PC. But I can't even ping the router gateway from the contoller or network node.

I think I messed something up by defining the network adapters in VBOX.

( (

For the network adapters in VBOX I choose "random" IP Adresses. By that I mean that the IP adresses I provided for the VBox network adapters do not correspond any IP Adress (Router) on my HOST System. Is this wrong. Must any of these following IP addresses correspond to any IP Adress for example Router on my HOST System ?

For the Management Network I use: For the Tunnel Network I use: For the External Network I use: Every VM (Node) also has a NAT Adapter

Hope somebody can help me...

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answered 2015-04-20 09:28:49 -0500

Have you tried switching the adapters on your vm's to Host-only and defining the correct IP's?

Host-Only -- 10.10.10.xx Host-Only-- 192.168.100.xx

How to work with host only networking

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answered 2015-04-20 09:54:10 -0500

Martin872 gravatar image

updated 2015-04-21 03:19:11 -0500

Thanks for your fast reply.

I try to describe it better:

My Management Network in VBox is configured as Host-Only with IP: My Tunnel Network in VBox is configured as Host-Only with IP: My External Network in VBox is configured as Host-Only with IP:

I ask myself if the external network adapter in vbox should correspond andy IP Adress on my HOST-System such as Router Gateway or something else. Or if I can choose a uncorresponded IP Adress like I did already ?

Can anyone answer that question ?

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