Error:Unable to connect to Neutron. More inside.

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I have installed DevStack using VirtualBox, it is a single node implementation. Used Port Forwarding to access the dashboard from the browser. Got to the dashboard after logging in, but an error keeps popping that it is "Unable to connect to Neutron". However, i took the liberty to start an instance, anyway. In this case the instance i was running was "CirrOS 32 bit" I get to the instance console by replacing the default address with my localhost after setting up Port Forwarding in VirtualBOx. But the console seems stuck and doesn't ask me for my credentials. Screenshot:link text

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answered 2015-04-21 03:24:35 -0600

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Make sure all openstack are running and you have set proper security group rules. Else unstack, then run ./ starts without issue. Also post your local.conf

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