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RDO unable to boot VM with disk size specified [closed]

asked 2015-04-16 05:20:59 -0600

vinayus gravatar image

I have packstack-allinone setup on my RHEL7.1 trial for Juno release.

I am facing problem while launching VM(for ex: cirros) with a disk size mentioned in flavor. If there is 0 disk size then VM are getting launched but not for higher flavor sizes.

I also observe that when I do this, openstack-nova-compute service goes down which I observed when I checked using nova-manage service list with nova-compute being XXX making me restart the service everytime I try this scenario. The compute logs doesn't throw any error, it just gets stuck at "Creating image".

Is there any Filesystem issue which i missing to be configured? I am new to this, so please help.

PS: I run all commands with "root" user.

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answered 2015-04-20 02:13:04 -0600

vinayus gravatar image

The problem is with esxi. Esxi needs to be 5.5v to support RHEL7x Since mine was 5.1v it only supported RHEL6x.

After upgrading esxi5.1 to 5.5v it worked fine.

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