How to make an instance highly available in openstack/devstack ?

asked 2015-04-16 01:24:12 -0500

Neetz gravatar image

Hey there ! I'm an openstack newbie , I understand what is high availaibility and I see it as an important thing in cloud. Well How do I go about making my instance higly available if my node goes off , also how do I make the compute ( controller) node highly available if the controller goes off . I googled a lot to find resources to start off with high availabilty , but i couldn't anything sufficient and plus i'm open to switch from devstack to anything like packstack or other distrubutions that help in devloping HA . From my research it says Openstack HA isn't implemented yet ( source [] Although I'm not sure , I would like to know to your inputs and from where i can start :)

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